RATTTRAP 4: the endless summer


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Fell in love while recording these songs and moved to Indiana.


released August 7, 2016



all rights reserved


RATTTRAP Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: Punk Blossom Summerbomb
i’ll take care of life right now
while i am young and i am vital
busy bee, break spinal
kill the vibe you had before
you make me bored
you look like shit
fuck around, get hit
yeah, and you should ask me now
before i do myself in
cuz i’m like three things in and you’re starting to spin

take bubblegum and ride the train
sometimes spray drugs into my brain
but mostly i think about girls and bout the summer

cuz im 22 and i’m sure you know
that i’m like a walking zombie, bro
so i’ll sniff a bit and keep on grinding through the summer

Feeling close to the ocean, but when was that
throwing down with punks in sound in my orange hat
if it sucks we used to call it Ratttrap, now we’re doing new shit
freaky with the bass riff

and we’d put in what we love about all of that
get aggressive as fuck over that ol boom bap
and if it sucks we used to call it Ratttrap, now we’re doing new shit
freaky with the bass riff
Track Name: The Void
i’m doughy, unattractive
always stoned and sometimes i just ramble on and on and on

but hey, i’m a good guy, right?
then why can’t i sleep at night?
under the blanket of myself
the void, it tucks in tight

once i’m by myself
i won’t try to be like someone else
and where are you?
i dont really care
Track Name: Mary Jane
check me, i’m feeling fresh as the morning
the morning dew
i bleed inside the lines
like you wanted
you wanted to

but do you wanna call me by my name
cuz i dont think it sounds the same
it’s like a song coming from you
and i can hear it
Mary Jane

touch me, i wanna feel that you want me
cuz i want you
and be so indiscrete about our feelings
cuz what they gonna do
Track Name: Growing Pains
took the time to find out if you’re really with me
fuck around, get high and bleed till i feel something
in the dream you left me
you saw right through me
you took a lot of what i had, you fucked me up and you looked back and said
i dont really care
oh i dont really want you anymore
Track Name: Subdued Loving Violence
yeah, she found it cool
subdued loving violence
and go back to school
cuz i’m only here to find it

between the sheets
subdued loving violence
until you make me bleed
i know just how you want it

you’d change my outlook in the end
i wanna be your special friend
but i’m dumb

look into my eyes
subdued love & violence
and look past the flies
i’m only born to die and

the in-between
subdued loving violence
i just wanna be with you
all the time and

you’d change my outlook in the end
i wanna be your special friend
but i’m dumb
Track Name: 20-Something w/Kids
hey nice to meet you
what’s your name?
do you like this bar?

so i must beseech you
gimme a chance
i don’t live too far
away from here
i’ve got cheap beer

and anything past that
i guess i’m 20 something with breathing baggage
i’ve got a 4 year old son, an orange cat
and scars on my head from some faggot

but if you think you wanna know me
well then, babe, just come on over
cuz sometimes i think i’m worth it
i can be your moody four leaf clover

my eyes have seen you
checking your phone like you wanna run
not like i’d blame you
a dude with kids is probably no fun
whats that say?

but i don’t need you
but i want you
let me have you, please
and in the morning could you smile
when you go to leave
cuz you don’t want this
you don’t need this
i’m a fucking mess
but i don’t want you
but i need you
let me have you, please