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released February 29, 2016

Special thanks to Tyler O'Brien for his various contributions, to Matt Hill who manages to be a badass from all the way in OKC, and as always, the homie, Mikey Burks.



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RATTTRAP Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: Ever Been
We took a trip outta town
and were surprised when we found
this lonesome demon crying out
out on the road just laying out

we pulled over for a sec
we had just crossed the county line
she opened up her mouth to speak
and i could hear her just fine

Ever been, ever been, ever been aware

Opened up my eyes to see
i found my body was heavy
and i wanted nothing more to do
than to trip acid here with you

And in the morning we’d wake up
and realize we hadn’t slept
could you hold my head
Track Name: Call Me In February
You wore it better
it tripped me up
and da da da da

Human skin feels warm
in weather
and da da da da

Can you find me a mask to wear
so i dont have to make real conversation
can you help me out of here

can you maybe call me in february
can you make it to the movie, i hate to see you go
can you extinguish that flame you carry
cuz i’ve long since caught fire and i’m sinking in the snow
Track Name: Theology Dub
With the emperors clothes
and Raskolnikov’s nose
He makes his way down the mountain
“God is dead”
and strikes a pose
and they'd read the books
and they'd performed the rites
when they were scared of life
and money just wasn’t right

Isn’t it convenient
to love you when i am down
isn’t it convenient
that you’re never around
wasn't it conveniently simple to stop filtering thoughts
and let the scriptures bear down

He’d killed a man on the beach
the waves crashed at his feet
but in the light of the moon…
enough said
woke from a dream
and he cut on the lights
and he could see he’d changed
and then a madness gripped him
his head fucked up, all rearranged
Track Name: Dog In A Sweater
Oh so its come to this
forgetting where i left my car

Dont ask me for a kiss
because i’m sick of this
but i won’t get very far

And I’d be a scientist
but i can’t arithmetic
and i suck at playing cards

I’d tick my bucket list
because i’m sick of this
but i won’t get very far
Track Name: Chemical Bonds
And i hear you coming
and i feel your eyes on me

We’re chemical
and on and on
we’re chemical

We’re cannibals
burnt black
we’re cannibals

And i know i’m not worth it
but can you start my heartbeat

And i’d react the same way
cuz we’re chemical
Track Name: Real Talk
Well lemme tell you
i got myself a concubine
she makes breakfast all the time
and packs me bowls when i get home

she looks good out on the street
but even better 'twixt the sheets
little eyes staring up at me
and i don’t even have to stop

and don’t you even try to tell me that you know the reason why
cuz i don’t know and i’m the type of guy
that likes to roll up and hop in the truck
and spark a blunt

hey let me tell you all
about this other time
she came over and she looked so fine
in red lingerie, you know i fucked her on her bed

and she can get it in the shower
she can get it in the crops
and i laugh to keep from crying
i dont ever wanna stop

and don’t you even try to tell me that you didn’t get that high
cuz i don’t know why you have to lie
i like it when she shows up, we fuck and we roll
and pack a bowl

You rang
girl all those bitches went away
You rang
why do you run the other way

All up in your grip
Run up in your spot
Taking all your chips
Track Name: Our Formative Years
Change is coming on
and i don’t want it to
because i built my crumbling husk
around you

you don’t take money
it don't take money
to play
Track Name: Emotional Problems
won’t drain my heart out
no, no, not
when it comes to you
i fight the feeling
and i dance into your shoes

i could kill you
(you kinda stress sometimes)
but i’ll fuck you instead
i’d like to peel the feelings
(i cut the stress)
from outta my head

dont stop the beat
i’m getting close enough to taste
i’m down and out
and drunk on visions of your face
Track Name: Not Like I Said
come on, duh
i could never be this close to anyone

not like i said whodunit
i know i know i know
said i know

he’s growing up
i’ll always wonder if i know enough
Track Name: Teenage Poetry
i used to write you poetry
you’re on every page i seen
on all the lines and inbetween
its obscene

and truly wanting conversation to kick off
in the meantime
that’s alright
and sanctimonious refusal to get stoned
in the daytime
was all mine

back then when i was all lucidity
and i would have made time to be
where i could see you
and you’d see me
teenage heat

it really was insinuation we proceed
like a bee line
it’s all fine
is this public intoxication i’m all drunk
on your insides
like moonshine

Cool shoes
you always wear the coolest shit

when we go down you medicate me
i’m a pile at your feet
i can’t slow down
i can’t hold back
just keep pushin back on me

i love the way you complicate me
i can’t stand to be apart
i know you’re scared
cuz the cupboards bare
but i call it modern art
Track Name: Bloody Curb
We try to emulate those angry dudes
that stomp around in fuzzy moods
my ice is cold in mid july

i got a taste for bloody curb tonight

and if i spend my hard earned cash
its cuz your band is probably trash
just pound some beers and start a fight

i got a taste for bloody curb tonight

i bleed punk
and i'll play it however the fuck i want

i bleed punk
and i’ll play however the fuck i want
Track Name: Instinto Animal feat. Matt Hill
Lo quiero matar, lo quiero descabezar
ir me de aqui
instinto animal
Track Name: Get Away
So sedentary, happy too
hated coming back to you
but i couldn’t stay away
sedated fool
you can’t stand to be in bloom
so i leave it up to you

get away get away get away from me
getting up, getting too far away from you
get away get away get away from me
cuz i’m gonna be around until you’re sick of you

I’m complementary to you
at least i think that’s what i do
but i don’t think you would say
you play it cool
guess we’ll sleep in the same room
so i’ll leave it up to you